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Tips for essay writing

Essays are an integral part of our education system. The quality of essays is assessed based on the content. An essay can be written well typically when you can set aside time for it. The content will be rich only when you Buy research paper appropriately. Breaking the content into smaller paragraphs will enable ease of reading. Essays are incredibly popular especially in the higher classes and colleges. Most dissertations and research reports are structured in the form of essay. Here are a few hints on how to structure essays –


Understand the topic


As a first step, you need to understand the topic that you intend to write about. If you are writing it from the perspective of a student, then you need to lend a progressive touch to the content. If the audience already has some background on the content, then you can have high level content included. You can address a particular problem and discuss alternative solutions. Using key words and doing what needs to be done Highlight the key words pertaining to the essay. Most topics have a set of key words which need to be covered as applicable. You could try searching for essays on similar topics to get a fair idea of what you need to cover. In the whole enthusiasm to finish the essay before the deadline, we fail to identify what needs to be done. Identify the task words which will give you a hint on what to accomplish. Typical task words are “Discuss”, ‘explain’, ‘compare’ etc.,


Draw a sketch of the essay


Although the essay consists of introduction, main body and conclusion, there is a need to structure the essay. Here you need to jot down the important points to cover under each head. You need to distribute the word count appropriately. All essays typically come with a maximum word count and you need to keep this in mind. If there are multiple problems that you need to address, then you need to distribute words evenly.


Watch your grammar style and language


Use auto check for spellings and grammar check to ensure that it is written without errors. This is the basic expectation from an essay writer. No matter how superior the content is, if the essay has spelling and grammar errors, it may not hold the attention of the audience.Use simple language, short sentences to express ideas.


Writing the Introduction


The introduction has to be crisp; you need to detail the content in the mainbody. This section of the essay will open up the topic. The thesis will be introduced; the methodology used to write the essay is discussed here. The introduction is critical, since it will decide whether the reader will stay with you throughout the essay or not.


Addressing the problems of the essay


The content has to be argumentative, there has to be a discussion style which needs to be followed. Arguments and counter-arguments have to be tightly packed to enrich the content. Every sentence in the main body should be related to the topic under consideration. Support the content with references and facts etc., as applicable.



Your point of argument should have already gained enough momentum in the main body. The conclusion has to be a summation of the main points in the essay. Highlight the way in which you have built the argument and the reasons why you chose to conclude it in a certain way. The essay has to end with a thought provoking comment.

References and bibliography


The references and bibliography has to be updated as per the acceptable style. Many institutes use the Harvard referencing style or the APA style, you need to reference your document appropriately. This will ensure that your essay is well researched and analysed using good material. While referencing try to use as many journal articles, books, reports from reputed sources. Using flippant online sources is not encouraged.


Proof read, format the document


Before submission, proof read for errors in terms of expressing ideas or wrong construction of sentences. Also, ensure that there is no plagiarism in your content, most schools, colleges and offices insist on less than 5% – 10% plagiarism. Although you are allowed to borrow ideas from online sources, you are not to copy the entire content from the source. Format the document to make it look aesthetic and neat. Use the same font, font size and page alignment across the document. If you have an essay to complete, lack time and the relevant knowledge, use dope essays service providers. They will relieve your stress!

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