What qualities characterize a great research paper?

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All great research papers have one thing in common: their structure.
The Winning Formula
1. Tell ’em what you’re GOING to tell ’em.  (thesis/introduction/big picture)
2. Tell ’em. (body of supporting evidence/details)
3. Tell ’em what you told ’em. NEVER NEW INFO  (summary/wrap up)
This is also the BEST formula for speaking to a group.

The Five Ws
Who— KNOW your audience. This is good advice for life in general. If you’re in college– find out what academia your professor has mastered; write on anything else.
What— KNOW your content. There is no way to BS your way through a research paper; they are not book reviews! Proper grammar is non-negotiable. 
PAPERS: If you aren’t excited about what you’ve learned, don’t expect your reader to be. When possible, choose a subject that you are willing to learn more about. If topic is assigned, use the opportunity to perfect your RESEARCH METHOD.
SPEEHCES: People’s thinking styles vary; addressing this keeps your reader/listener connected. Global thinkers need to see the big picture and analytical thinkers want details. What Is My Learning Style Test 3 is a quick way to measure your thinking preferences.
When—  If early submission is allowed, make every effort to turn your work in early. Do NOT announce your intention!
WhereDeliver paper in person, especially if early/late. Say thank you. Don’t give details unless asked.

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